Our Valuable Team Members

At ReMed we are extremely proud of the strong calibre of our team. Our health practitioners are all qualified in their field, belong to leading industry associations and specialise in particular health issues to ensure the highest possible level of care.

Naturopathic & Nutrition Team

Keonie Moore
Keonie Moore Naturopath & Founding Director
Emma Hodson
Emma HodsonDirector, Naturopath and Nutritionist
Gill Hart
Gill Hart Naturopath and Herbalist and former OT
Alison Patchett
Alison Patchett Naturopath
Alison Quinn
Alison Quinn Naturopath
Samantha Bake
Samantha Bake Clinical Nutritionist
Emily Cahill
Emily Cahill Naturopath
Sophia Leighton
Sophia Leighton Naturopath
Anna MacWilliams
Anna MacWilliams Naturopath
Kate Di Bartolo
Kate Di BartoloNaturopath
Katelyn Gray
Katelyn GrayNaturopath
Sarah Miles
Sarah MilesNaturopath and Community Welfare Worker

Leadership Team

Keonie Moore
Keonie Moore Founding Director
Samantha Bake
Samantha Bake PANS Team Leader
Emma Hodson
Emma HodsonDirector
Fiona Giles
Fiona GilesPractice Manager
Mandy Simms
Mandy SimmsAccounts Administrator

Reception Team

Fiona Giles
Fiona Giles Reception Team Leader
Amy Rohead
Amy RoheadReceptionist
Lisa Bentley
Lisa BentleyReceptionist