Our Valuable Team Members

At ReMed we are extremely proud of the strong calibre of our team. Our health practitioners are all qualified in their field, belong to leading industry associations and specialise in particular health issues to ensure the highest possible level of care.

Naturopathic & Nutrition Team

Keonie White
Keonie White Naturopath & Founding Director
Samantha Bake
Samantha Bake Primary Practitioner & Clinical Nutritionist
Gill Hart
Gill Hart Naturopath and Herbalist and former OT
Alison Patchett
Alison Patchett Naturopath
Sarah Miles
Sarah MilesNaturopath
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Katelyn Gray
Katelyn GrayNaturopath
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Anna MacWilliams
Anna MacWilliams Naturopath
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Giovana Goncalves
Giovana GoncalvesClinical Nutritionist
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Lucy St Jack
Lucy St JackNaturopath
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Lisa Aldridge
Lisa AldridgeNaturopath
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Bec Woolfe
Bec WoolfeNaturopath
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Kate Shore
Kate ShoreNaturopath
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Samantha Porter
Samantha PorterNaturopath
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Rebecca Schutze
Rebecca SchutzeNaturopath
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Sharda Shrivastava
Sharda ShrivastavaNaturopath
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Lawrey Calabro
Lawrey CalabroNaturopath
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Sarah Watts
Sarah WattsNutritionist
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Alice Scotts
Alice ScottsClinical Nutritionist
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Melanie Makris
Melanie MakrisClinical Nutritionist
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Christie Malva
Christie MalvaNaturopath
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Rebecca Vaughan
Rebecca VaughanNaturopath
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Kahla Garner
Kahla GarnerNaturopath
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Nina Crawford
Nina CrawfordClinical Nutritionist
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Kate Di Bartolo
Kate Di BartoloNaturopath
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Annette Low
Annette LowNaturopath
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Kristie Folkes
Kristie FolkesNaturopath
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Ema Davis
Ema DavisNaturopath
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Rachel Muzzi
Rachel MuzziNaturopath
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Toni Chambers
Toni ChambersClinical Nutritionist
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Keren Slade
Keren SladeNaturopath
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Jackie Mina
Jackie Mina Naturopath
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Rebecca Tarver
Rebecca TarverClinical Nutritionist
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Kazumi Uemura
Kazumi UemuraNaturopath
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Starr West
Starr WestNaturopath
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Tanya Roesler-Kirby
Tanya Roesler-KirbyNaturopath
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Leadership Team

Keonie Moore
Keonie Moore Founding Director
Belinda Taylor
Belinda TaylorCEO
Mandy Simms
Mandy SimmsAccounts Administrator
Samantha Bake
Samantha Bake Primary Practitioner & Clinical Nutritionist

Reception Team

Melissa Roberts
Melissa RobertsReception Team Leader
Victoria Dicello
Victoria DicelloReceptionist
Melissa Newey
Melissa NeweyReceptionist
Amy King
Amy KingReceptionist