ReMed Conceive Program:

Moneyback Guarantee Available for Eligible Couples
  • Have you been trying to get pregnant, but haven’t been successful?

  • Getting frustrated and disappointed? Unsure of what your next step should be?

  • Prefer a natural approach, but worried about wasting your time and money?

Trying to get pregnant can be a rollercoaster of emotions – anticipation, excitement, hope, disappointment. For some couples, this recurring emotional rollercoaster can take its toll after months of trying.

If you have been trying to get pregnant and it’s taking longer than you expected, our Fertility naturopaths specialise in identifying the underlying reasons and find a natural solution.

Many of our clients are keen to stick with a natural approach to conceive but are concerned about whether it will work for them. Should they go straight to IVF and not ‘waste’ any more time? The ReMed Conceive Program is offered to couples to give them the confidence that natural medicine can be a viable option to get pregnant.

Book a free session with one of our fertility naturopaths to discuss your individual situation and whether the ReMed Conceive Program is right for you.

Moneyback Guarantee* for eligible couples, if you do not fall pregnant with 3 months of completing the 6-month Conceive program, you will get a full refund excluding supplements.

  • Designed for couples who have unexplained infertility
  • Conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) do not automatically exclude a couple from the moneyback guarantee, but eligibility won’t be confirmed until the fertility team have assessed the case
  • Every couple will be provided with a free consultation to assess eligibility and discuss what is involved*
  • Both partners need to be included in the program and follow the recommendations by your fertility practitioner – after all, it does take two!

ReMed is currently taking 10 couples into the Conceive Program. We intentionally limit the number of participants as our Fertility Team invest additional time to ensure a thorough and comprehensive treatment plan is prepared for each couple. This ensures that the ReMed Conceive Program gives every couple the best change at pregnancy.

*ReMed fertility team makes the final decision about the eligibility of a couple for the moneyback guarantee based on the inclusion criteria


  • Comprehensive assessment of both partnersSafe and natural program
  • 80% success rate
  • Specialist fertility practitioners with extensive clinical expertise
  • A 6-month program that includes all appointments for both partners
  • Functional genetic testing for both partners to determine which natural medicines with aid your fertility most specifically
  • Testing session for both partners at baseline and 3 months to assess metabolism, glucose regulation and cardiovascular health
  • Email support between appointments
  • 10% off supplements (only available to couples on the Conceive program)
  • 100-page workbook and reflection journal as a guide to the recommendations made by your fertility practitioner
  • Welcome pack valued at over $100 full of healthy goodies to get you started

You can do this program without your partner, but the moneyback guarantee will not apply

The program is designed with minimal additional costs for the second partner as appointments are done concurrently. However, if your partner is not going to be involved or you are going through IVF, the cost will be reduced by 20%.

You can be involved in the program but the moneyback guarantee does not apply

Our fertility practitioners with provide a no-obligation, free assessment to consider your case and let you know if you are eligible. The moneyback guarantee is designed for couples how have no known reason for their fertility concerns. Your fertility practitioner will talk you through the process, but the decision of eligibility is made by ReMed’s fertility team based on the criteria for inclusion.

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