Synergy Of Success


Synergy of Success (SoS) was founded by the ReMed directors after we were regularly approached by other clinics and practitioners asking for help to do what we have done.

It specialises in working with natural medicine practitioners who have already built a successful private practice and are ready to take their business to the next level or have been trying to do so. Those who know their business has more potential but have found the skillset required is vastly different to that of being a successful practitioner.

One on one mentoring, clinic health reviews and workshops are all offered, however all have extremely limited availability.

Often clients come to us frustrated with their attempts to expand, find the right practitioners and are in a situation that demands too many hours of them as the primary practitioner to make ends meet.

Keonie Moore, founder of SoS, had a very similar experience: a successful practitioner, expanded into her own clinic after 3 years but 18 months later she was left in tears, exhausted and frustrated. With the support of a very dedicated mentor, she managed to revolutionise the practice and now has 11 practitioners in the clinic, seeing clients herself 2 half days per week and planning the opening of 2nd clinic.

Keonie Moore and Synergy Of Success

The culture of natural medicine practice is painted dimly: you will never make money out of being a naturopath, and if you do you will need to see so many clients that you burn out.

SoS is for those of us who want to break out of the self-limiting culture and create a healthy business model.

For more information call ReMed on 03 9431 0331.