Children’s Health

Often parents are looking for natural ways to support their kids’ for optimal health and wellbeing, but are unsure where to go for practical ideas that they can trust.

Here at ReMed we are passionate about working with kids not only to improve health but also to teach them about their health and how food impacts them. Education about nutrition is so important as the early years provide the foundation for their future food habits, development and health and wellbeing.

Our dedicated pediatric focused team of naturopaths and clinical nutritionists combine extensive expertise with practical, family-friendly recommendations that include:

  • Food ideas

  • How to best disguise the taste of nutritional supplements and herbal medicine

  • What is safe to use in children

  • Correct dosages based on age and weight

  • How to achieve improved health with minimal treatment

  • Engaging kids in their own health 

Common reasons parents bring their children to ReMed include:

two happy young children smiling over a hedge

The hype with ‘energy drinks’ and heavy reliance on stimulants like coffee is evident of how our we constantly try to push through adrenal exhaustion with short term ‘picks me ups’.

But having elevated levels of these stress hormones for extended periods it not good for us and puts us at risk of many health conditions.

As adrenal exhaustion progresses, people will often feel tired but wired – low libido, mood swings and depression, plus lethargy accompanied with muscle heaviness.

Our practitioners are experienced in identifying and addressing each stage of adrenal fatigue and can recommend testing and natural treatments for full assessment and recovery from adrenal fatigue.

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