Alice Scotts
Alice ScottsClinical Nutritionist
BHSc (Clinical Nutrition)

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  • Immune issues, gut health and food intolerances in children
  • Psoriasis and eczema in children
  • Weight management and stress in adults
  • Gut health

Who Am I?

Alice was inspired by food as medicine in her 20s when she was suffering from a variety of health issues. After incredible results healing her body and creating sustainable change, Alice wanted to spread the word! Alice is most passionate about helping children and parents to understand their own health, and create a healthy relationship with their bodies. Alice is inquisitive and loves to create enthusiasm in children to listen and be curious about what their bodies are telling them.

As a busy mum of a toddler, Alice has first hand experience in what it is like to manage motherhood, a busy job and home life, and how the stress of this intricate juggling act can impact health. Alice has extensive experience working with children to improve immunity (which as a mum of a toddler at day care, she knows just how important this is!), as well as food intolerances, digestive complaints and skin conditions. Alice wants to not only help children thrive, but help burnt out and busy parents to look after themselves and their children’s health and wellbeing. Alice has a practical approach to treatment, she loves to simplify the diet, and implement easy lifestyle hacks for busy families to take the stress out of being ‘healthy’.


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