Toni Chambers
Toni ChambersClinical Nutritionist
BHSc (Nut Med)

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  • Concentration and motivation issues in kids
  • Kid’s behaviour – anxiety, anger, tantrums mood
  • Kid’s allergies
  • Kid’s Eczema

Who Am I?

Toni’s career began in radio and TV journalism, driven by her deep love for storytelling and learning about other peoples lives. Now, as a dedicated nutritionist, she puts you and your child at the heart of her consultations, fostering a nurturing environment for optimal health.

Combining her passion for listening to people’s stories with a keen interest in food as medicine, Toni’s fascination with the impact of food on our bodies was ignited during a cooking class after her second child. Witnessing the profound effects of food on her young patients’ lives continues to inspire her daily.

Her expertise lies in working with families and children, Toni’s own experience as a mother of four enriches her practice. Teaching cooking classes at her local school and seeing kids in her clinic, Toni relishes the opportunity to improve not just a child’s health but the well-being of the entire family.

Drawing from her three passions—listening to stories, food, and children—Toni excels at implementing practical changes that make a world of difference. With a focus on building relationships and uncovering the root cause of symptoms, Toni empowers her patients to transform every aspect of their health, from mood and sleep to relationships and overall quality of life.


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