Tanya Roesler-Kirby
Tanya Roesler-KirbyNaturopath
Adv Dip (Applied Science)

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  • Neurodiversity
  • Adult ADHD
  • Stress
  • Exhaustion

Who Am I?

Tanya thrives on working with women who are caught in the whirlwind of busyness, stress, and exhaustion, unsure of the underlying reasons for their unease. Recognising that our relationship with ourselves, self-esteem, and personal power profoundly influences every aspect of our lives, Tanya has committed her practice to empowering women to create structure and achieve life balance.

This dedication extends to those grappling with the symptoms of ADHD. Having navigated the intricate landscape of her own brain chemistry following a life-changing ADHD diagnosis as an adult, Tanya passionately guides others through this journey. Drawing from her personal experience, she brings a genuine sense of empathy to her patients and aims to support them alongside medication, particularly when it doesn’t yield the intended results.

Rooted in a family with a background in nursing, Tanya’s love for human biology, combined with her appreciation for the alchemy and healing arts of herbs, homeopathy, and psychology, has shaped her holistic approach. Recognised as “the most holistically minded student” during her studies, Tanya meticulously crafts her treatment plans. She understands that achieving peak performance in all areas requires focused and committed action, coupled with a precise order and structure to healing.

Tanya often encounters women who possess the potential for change but struggle to make it happen. Her mission is to provide the support needed for individuals to make specific, impactful changes tailored to their unique health. If you find yourself running on empty and in need of someone to look out for you, Tanya is the right practitioner to guide you on your journey to well-being.


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