Sarah Watts
Sarah WattsNutritionist
Adv Dip (Nutritional Medicine)

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  • ADHD

  • Aggression

  • Oppositional defiance

  • Adult ADHD

Who Am I?

Sarah Watts is a compassionate advocate and a lifeline for mothers navigating the challenging territory of ADHD and aggression in their children, and understands this journey from a deeply personal perspective. Having been diagnosed with ADHD herself, Sarah not only brings professional expertise but also a profound sense of empathy and shared experience.

Recognising the unique struggles and hurdles that mothers face when dealing with ADHD and aggression in their children, Sarah provides not just professional guidance but also a comforting presence. She offers understanding, and practical solutions as she understands the profound impacts of these issues on day-to-day family life, and her mission is to not only alleviate the burden but also to equip mothers with the knowledge and strategies needed to foster healthier, happier dynamics within their families. Sarah is a trusted ally and has an unwavering commitment to children and families.

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