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What Can I See a Naturopath/Clinical Nutritionist For?

You can see a naturopath and nutritionist for a broad range of health concerns including gut health, food intolerances (including children), IBS, thyroid, autoimmune conditions, hormonal issues, mood, anxiety, tiredness and skin health (including eczema). Naturopathy can act in partnership with conventional care or provide an alternative where there has been limited success with conventional treatments.

More and more people are using natural medicine for everything from chronic health problems to the common cold. In fact, 65% of Australians have used one or more complementary medicines in the past year.

A naturopath is a health care professional, usually with a Health Science degree, specialising in the correct use of natural medicine combined with the latest evidence-based scientific research. All practitioners at ReMed are fully qualified, registered with the leading industry bodies and regularly both attend and speak at national conferences and professional development training. Many ReMed naturopaths have also lectured.

A naturopath can assist you if;

  • Traditional medicine alone is not having the desired effect

  • You would like to explore a natural approach

  • You suspect there may be more going on with your health that what you know so far

  • You are wondering if your diet is impacting your health

  • The idea of a collaborative health support person appeals to you

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