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What Can I See a Naturopath For?

Each practitioner at ReMed has a specific area that they focus on. That means that no matter what is happening for you right now, we have a practitioner with the expertise you need. Our practitioners spend time with you – getting to know you, understanding what is impacting you and taking the time needed to really identify the underlying cause. Your practitioner will utilise all of this information to determine the best treatment plan for you as an individual.

We have experiences practitioners for:

  • Gut Health
  • Sleep Problems
  • Skin Health, including eczema
  • Mood, anxiety and OCD
  • Fatigue syndromes
  • Women’s Health, hormones, PMS and fertility
  • Adjunction oncology support
  • Kids Health

More and more people are using natural medicine for everything from chronic health problems to the recurrent illness. In fact, 65% of Australians have used one or more complementary medicines in the past year.

At ReMed, our naturopath play an important role in the health care of our patients, so we set high standards, All of our practitioners have a Health Science degree, and utilise natural medicine with the latest evidence-based scientific research. All practitioners at ReMed are fully qualified, registered with the leading industry bodies and regularly both attend and speak at national conferences and professional development training.

A naturopath can assist you if;

  • To improve well-being, because health is more than simply the absence of symptoms

  • Conventional medicine alone is not having the desired effect

  • You would prefer a natural approach to health care

  • You are wondering if your diet is impacting your health, but you can’t pinpoint exactly what

  • You have been told there is nothing wrong, but your health just is not what it used to be

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