Adrenal Fatigue

Whilst a stress response is normal in some circumstances, we are often living in a constant state of stress that undermines our health long-term. In fact, being chronically stressed and over-busy has become normal for many of us.

Acute stress is common leading up to an exam or job interview, but we are seeing a growing number of patients that are stuck in the stress response constantly.

Although we think of ‘stress’ as emotional or mental stress, it is actually a physical pathway in the body in which the adrenal glands increase output of adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol.

Early signs of adrenal fatigue often start with fatigue that is worse in the afternoon, poor concentration or brain fog, anxiety or irritability and sleep difficulties.

Unfortunately, often we don’t listen to our body – after all, isn’t everyone stressed these days? The hype with ‘energy drinks’ and heavy reliance on stimulants like coffee is evident of how our we constantly try to push through adrenal exhaustion with short terms ‘picks me ups’.

But having elevated levels of these stress hormones for extended periods it not good for us and puts us at risk of many health conditions.

As adrenal exhaustion progresses, people will often feel tired but wired – low libido, mood swings and depression, plus lethargy accompanied with muscle heaviness.

Our practitioners are experienced in identifying and addressing each stage and can recommend testing and natural treatments for full assessment and recovery from adrenal fatigue.

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