ReMed stocks a large dispensary with all major brands of liquid herbal medicine, probiotics, nutritional supplements and compounding nutrients.

Brands stocked include Mediherb, Eagle, Metagenics, Orthoplex, BioMedica, BioPractica, Bioceuticals, Integra, Research Nutrition, Optimal Rx

ReMed provides dispensary services to other naturopaths and clinics:

  • Get back the time you organise, order and phone clients for products

  • Avoid having your cash tied up in stock

  • No more stress of managing cash flow and accounts

  • Access a full range of products, liquid herbs and homeopathic remedies

  • Next day delivery directly to clients with your details as the sender

  • ReMed provides naturopaths and clinics a commission on products ordered so enjoy a monthly cheque rather than worrying about bills

ReMed Dispensary Services are run by practitioners that know all the challenges you face in the industry, the importance of protecting practitioner-only products, adhering to scripts and strictly NO substitution with similar products.

For more information, please email belinda.taylor@remed.com.au