Sarah Miles
Sarah MilesNaturopath and Community Welfare Worker
BHSc Naturopath, BComWel&Couns, DipComSer (AODMH), NHAA

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  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Depression
  • ADHD and behavioural issues
  • Sleep disturbances

Who Am I?

Sarah is passionate about helping children and teens live anxiety-free, using a holistic approach to improve many of the consequences on gut health, sleep and irritability.

Sarah experienced anxiety herself as a child from a young age and takes a comprehensive approach with diet, nutrients, the gut-brain axis and genetics to get lasting improvements.

Sarah knows first-hand the benefit of naturopathy. Having previously burnt out in her community welfare role working with asylum seekers, Sarah was experiencing fatigue and recurrent health and gut issues. She bounced from doctor to doctor, getting nowhere until she saw a naturopath for the very first time. And that changed the course of her life…

Seeing the incredible benefits in her own health, she was inspired to help others see that we don’t have to struggle through life, not understanding what is going on in our bodies. She went on to complete extensive studies having Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy) in addition to the Bachelor in Community Welfare and Counselling with a Diploma in Community Services (specialising in Alcohol, other Drugs and Mental Health).

Sarah has extensive experience working with youth experiencing acute and chronic mental health conditions in both 1 on 1 support and case management roles.

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