PANS and PANDAS Clinic

The Clinic officially opened in March 2018 and led by Keonie Moore, the founder of ReMed Natural Medicine Clinic and Naturopath who has been extensively treating children with PANS and PANDAS for over 10 years.

Keonie is passionate about providing exceptional evidenced-based treatment for her patients and their families, which has led to a greater number of families wanting to access her care. Therefore, Keonie has selected highly skilled naturopathic practitioner team and is providing them extensive, ongoing training and supervision in the field on PANS in order to help as many patients as possible.

Only Safe Options

Our team only provides treatment options that are safe, effective and evidence-informed treatment strategies for children presenting with acute onset neuropsychiatric disorders, PANS and PANDAS. The practitioner team work within Keonie’s treatment model, known as The Moore Method for PANS and PANDAS patients, are supervised and received regular ongoing training as well as work through our own competencies set to ensure practitioner development.

The ReMed PANDAS & PANS Clinic is designed to help children who:

  • Have acute onset tics and/or OCD
  • Help assess whether PANS or PANDAS is a condition that needs to be considered
  • Implement effective and safe treatment plans that are evidence-informed

Keonie has been innovating treatment options for children with PANS and PANDAS through documenting and publishing the outstanding clinical results she achieves.

Some strategies focused on symptom management may be similar between patients in the ReMed PANDAS & PANS Clinic, but there are no ‘cookie cutter’ treatment protocols.

Every child is an individual and the factors that are driving the onset and relapses in flares can be completely different. Therapeutic doses of supplements should only be given to children under the supervision of a qualified practitioner, not only for safe administration but also based on what will be clinically effective.

Keonie offers information webinars to parents free of charge who want to know more about this condition in children and find out more about what solutions may benefit their child.

Keonie Moore is a PANS and PANDAS expert

What Is PANS and PANDAS in Children?

PANDAS is an acronym for Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders associated with streptococcal infections. PANDAS is characterised by acute onset obsessive-compulsive and/or tic disorder in children following an infection with Group A beta-haemolytic Streptococcus.

Technically, PANDAS is a sub-type of PANS, and whilst the presenting clinical picture is very similar, the name denote the difference in the initiating infection.

A unique characteristic of PANS is the sudden onset of PANS. Children can go from symptom free to intense OCD and/or tics seemingly overnight. Though many parents will report that there may be a history of anxiety or even non-impairing mild OCD, but at subclinical levels prior to fill initiation. Often these levels of symptoms are not recognised by parents until after acute exacerbation and it’s not until retrospect that they are identified due to lack of impairment on daily routine and/or activities.

A Clinical Diagnosis

PANS and PANDAS is a clinical diagnosis, so it is important for all clinicians to assess all plausible causes of the presenting symptoms. This is particularly important for practitioners that frequently see children with PANS as it is easy to see the symptoms and make clinical assumptions but there is a lot of clinical over-lap between the symptoms of PANS and other disorders in children. This is why the ReMed Clinical Team ensures we obtain a detailed case history, all external medical results and testing for all our patients and work alongside other healthcare professionals including pediatricians, neurologist and psychologists.