Skin Conditions & Acne

Skin conditions are determined by many factors including nutritional deficiencies, dietary fatty acid intake, food intolerances, altered immune function and elimination processes. Although many people think first about treating their skin conditions with topical treatments such as creams and ointments, long-term success is best gained from working internally.

Having healthy skin is influenced by many factors including nutrition, fatty acid content of your diet, bowel function and how well your body detoxes and eliminates toxins.

We have practitioners that have significant expertise in skin conditions such as: acne, eczema and dermatitis, psoriasis, warts, tinea, molluscum contagiosum and hives.

Comprehensive naturopathic management is excellent at addressing these conditions by assessing and addressing why you have developed the skin condition in the first place.  And the reasons can be many; poor immune function, food reactions and intolerances, leaky gut and altered bowel flora, inflammation, hormonal imbalances and autoimmunity.

Our practitioners are specifically trained to identify and treat the underlying cause of skin conditions, which not only provides relief from symptoms, but also achieves long lasting results.

Young girl with some acne on her cheeks

Acne vulgaris affects 80% of people at some point in their life. For many people it resolves, but for some they will continue to experience acne well into their adult years. For someone who has had to endure acne, it not only impacts physical appearance, but can also have a longstanding effect on their confidence and self-esteem.

Many well-known medications such as the oral contraceptive pill, antibiotics and Roaccutane are commonly prescribed to manage acne, however many people are concerned about the side effects and often see us because they an alternative solution.

The naturopathic approach enhances detoxification, speed up skin healing time and address any underlying hormonal imbalances, without nasty side effects. The result is clear skin and peace of mind.

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