• Thought about doing a detox?

  • Not sure which one is the right one for you?

There has been a lot of buzz around detox with popular programs such as the lemon detox. But did you know?

  • Not one size fits all

  • Its dangerous to do a detox with no supervision

  • You may do more harm than good

Why do we need to help support detoxification?

  • Toxins are invisible and deadly.

  • >140,000 toxins are used commercially, > 3,000 in high volume with 1,500 new chemicals released each year.

  • Most chemicals are not tested for toxicity

  • Very few toxins are tested for in human tissue and toxin measurements are rarely used clinically.

  • 700 years ago until now the average level of lead in bones has gone up between 1 and 2 thousand times

Source *G,. F,. Gordon. EDTA and Chelation Therapy: History and Mechanisms of Action, an Update

Detoxification is happening all the time within each and every one of us and the question is; what can be done to reduce toxins from coming in, and what can be done to ensure you can effectively handle them?

Detoxification and tissue repair. The Detox Repair program combines nutritional, herbal and lifestyle strategies to repair as well as detoxify, which is the key to a deeper and longer lasting health result.

a colour array of fruit and vegetables on a table for detox

Firstly we assess your status-

This is done to a detailed case assessment looking at oxidation and inflammation status, toxin and chemical exposure and diet and lifestyle factors. Function testing can also be of benefit at this time depending on your history. Then depending on the outcome The answer is an individually tailored program that assesses where you’re currently ‘at’ in terms of toxicity, inflammation and oxidation, and where you can ‘go’ meaning organ support.

  • Optimise toxin clearance (kidneys, bowels, liver)
  • Reduce toxic exposure
  • Perfect for general detox with emph
  • Promote gut repair, enhance digestion and balance microflora
  • Key nutrients and beneficial bacteria

Perfect for people who have a history of constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, bloating, reflux, heart burn, IBD.

  • Optimise liver detoxification with key herbs and nutrients
  • Perfect if you have frequent intake of alcohol, coffee & occupational toxins, such as hairdressers
  • Experiencing irritability, headaches

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