Samantha Bake
Samantha BakeClinical Nutritionist
B. Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), Fitgenes and BioCeuticals Nutrigenomics accredited practitioner, ANTA, B.Arts, Post Grad Cert. (Editing & Publishing)

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    • Inaugural member PANS & PANDAS Clinical Team
    • Adjunctive oncology support
    • Australian Natural Therapists Association Bursary award winner

As a clinical nutritionist, Samantha is a collaborator in your treatment, “I am a firm believer in food as medicine but given the world we live in, sometimes, we need more to gain optimal health – I work with my patients to create a personalised approach that will ensure they get the best results”.

Samantha’s passion for clinical nutrition was initially propelled by her own children’s food allergies. Seeing the difference that it made with her children, Samantha went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Science and now has helped many families with similar issues.

As a member of the ReMed PANS clinic she applies her expertise in the links between gut issues, immune dysregulation and methylation and how that impacts the prominent symptoms of – tics, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. As a condition that affects children, Samantha is also able to offer lots of practical advice to parents needing to look at dietary changes for their kids or wondering if food allergies or intolerances might be contributing. She is committed to working flexibly with patients and their families to realistically adapt diet whether this be by gradual steps, clever substitutes or ‘tricks of the trade’.

After personal experience with friends and family members going through treatments for very different cancers Samantha is also a strong advocate for adjunctive oncology support. “I am absolutely passionate about sharing information on the impact of diet in supporting cancer treatments as I have found so many people unaware of the impact on their digestion, and on ways that rectifying nutrient deficiencies, decreasing inflammation and regular exercise might help maximise results while minimising treatment side effects and reoccurrence”.

Areas of interest include: OCD, tics, anxiety, cognitive decline, food intolerances/allergies, adjunctive cancer care and gut health.


“Samantha has excellent communication skills and was able to explain my test results, provide me with a detailed analysis of my nutritional requirements and a treatment plan, which advised me of alternative food recommendations to add to my diet. These new foods were very simple and easy to incorporate in my daily routine. Her recommendations have given me a greater variety in food choices, which have hugely improved my health. I highly recommend Samantha for her skills, knowledge and dedication in helping others.”

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