Samantha Bake
Samantha BakeClinical Nutritionist
B. Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), Fitgenes and BioCeuticals Nutrigenomics accredited practitioner, ANTA, B.Arts, Post Grad Cert. (Editing & Publishing)

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  • ReMed PANS Clinical Team Leader
  • Experienced nutritionist in pediatric anxiety, OCD and tics, PANS & PANDAS
  • Australian Natural Therapists Association Bursary award winner

As a founding member of the ReMed PANS clinic, Samantha Bake has comprehensive understanding in the role of the gut-immune-brain axis in the development of anxiety, tics and obsessive-compulsive disorder in children and how to apply the principles of The Moore Method for lasting improvements in PANS & PANDAS.

Working extensively with children with PANS & PANDAS, Samantha offers practical advice to parents needing to look at dietary changes for their kids or wondering if food allergies or intolerances might be contributing. She is committed to working flexibly with patients and their families to realistically adapt diet whether this be by gradual steps, clever substitutes or ‘tricks of the trade’.

A qualified Clinical Nutritionist and mum of two girls, Samantha is well versed for her paediatric focus at ReMed. Samantha’s passion for clinical nutrition was initially propelled by her own children’s food allergies. Seeing the difference that it made with her children, Samantha went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Science and now has helped many families with similar issues.

Taking a very collaborative approach, Samantha believes in working with the patient, family and in a network of health professionals to get the best possible outcome.

Areas of interest include: OCD, tics, anxiety, food intolerances/allergies, neuro-developmental and degenerative conditions, functional genetics and gut health.

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