Colorectal Cancer

Most colorectal cancers begin as a polyp in the colon with symptoms such as diarrhoea or changes to normal bowel habits, blood in stools, abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction and weight loss.

Risk factors include age (over 50), personal or family history, inflammatory bowel disease and smoking. 

Dietary factors have long been recognised as important with risk of developing colorectal cancer with diets high in fat, alcohol, processed and red meats increases the risk.

Whereas increasing plant-based foods and vegetables is associated with lower risk. One study found that integrating a rainbow of colours of fruit and vegetables in their diet had a positive impact.

The ReMed Ancora team only accepts patients into adjunctive program that are currently under the care of an oncologist and following their recommendations. The adjunctive care is an individually tailored, integrative and supportive program designed around your specific situation and dietary requirements.

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Our goals is always to:

  • Improve dietary intake of nutrients and foods shown to improve outcomes in colorectal cancers

  • Support you through recovery from surgery

  • Enhance the effectiveness of any chemotherapy or radiation therapy undertaken.

  • Reduce short and long-term side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy (these vary from person to person and the specific chemotherapy agent used).

  • Introduce a maintenance program to reduce the risk of recurrence – diet, lifestyle and exercise play an important role in minimising your risks.

We take into account your individual experience (side-effects, health history, food intolerances etc) when developing treatment plans.

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