Pregnancy Support

For the nine months of pregnancy, a mother’s body does an incredible thing – grows another little tiny person. This is a time that mum need to be supported both emotionally and nutritionally as her amazing body turns a few cells into a baby ready to journey into this life.  

At ReMed our practitioners are specifically trained in the nutritional needs for each stage of pregnancy. This ranges from preconception care right through each trimester of pregnancy right through to breastfeeding and beyond. 

First trimester: the primary focus is ensuring optimal nutritional status, particularly with folate and vitamin B12 as essential nutrients for the baby that is rapidly developing, growing brain, spinal cord and even grow fingers and little toes. Supporting health appetite especially if you are experiencing morning sickness is important to ensure that you are able to maintain nutritious intake during this time

Second trimester: the baby’s organs become fully developed during the second trimester and mum’s blood volume needs to expand to support both herself and the bubba. Your baby will start to hear, so introducing comforting sounds and music can be therapeutic for both mumma and bub. The nutritional focus is on laying important mineral stores such as iron and maintaining healthy haemoglobin levels before moving into the third trimester

Third trimester: baby needs the third trimester to mature leading up to birth. This is an important time to optimise nutrients for supporting healthy grow and brain development such as omega-3 fats and iodine. As well as ensuring optimal thyroid function and vitamin D status as these have been linked to improved health outcomes for the baby in later life. Starting to prepare for birth and looking at a supportive natural medicine plan as part of ReMed’s pregnancy care is reassuring to many of our mums that want to have a proactive role in the birthing experience

Post-natal and feeding: the arrival of a new bubba brings a lot of joy, but also is a big transition and generally a lot less sleep at night. It’s reassuring for our new mum’s to have someone that they can turn to for support and advice

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For those who this is not their first pregnancy, you will know that every pregnancy is different. And whilst nutrition is so important for each stage of pregnancy, our practitioners will tailor the pregnancy support to suit your individual experience and can help with solution for morning sickness, fatigue, gestational diabetes and maintaining healthy metabolism. 

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