Nutritional Care

Are you eating the best foods for your overall health and wellbeing?

Food and nutrients have a huge impact on health and wellbeing.  Our nutritional specialists work together with you on evaluating and adjusting your diet to achieve significant and lasting health effects.

We will discuss factors such as the nutritive value of foods, the important nutrients required by the body at different stages and the role of nutrients and diet in health and the prevention of disease.

The role of a dietician is also encompassed by ReMed nutritional specialists, which involves setting meal and nutritional plans to achieve a desired health outcome or treat a particular complaint.

The energy which your body takes in is directly connected to the way in which it functions. As such, nutrition will often form a component of your individual health plan when working with our naturopaths. ReMed also offer nutritional and dietary consultations as a stand alone service.

We can also work closely with health or fitness professionals in cases where clients are not seeing the desired results from their fitness or weight loss programs.

About Our Nutritional Analysis App (Food Works)

ReMed have been fortunate enough to be able to obtain FoodWorks, the most up to date nutrient analysis available in Australia.  FoodWorks uses person specific RDI’s (Recommended Daily Intake) of each nutrient. This is a unique approach that takes into account a persons specific age and nutrient needs. It can help to assess your diet – making sure that you are getting all of the nutrients that you need for optimal health.

a table full of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables

Features include:

  • Age and gender specific

  • Know whether you are getting enough nutrients

  • Full report compared to RDI

  • Easy iPhone/iPad app

  • Quick and easy selection of foods

  • Easy to navigate and search for data

This tool is something offered to all new patients in our ongoing goal to continually strive to make your health experience the best that it can be. In particular it will significantly help with the care of;

  • Children – including those whose parents are not sure if they are getting all they need

  • People with a history of deficiencies eg. Iron

  • People with restricted diets

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