Good skin comes from within.

Have a think about how you might be able to include some more of these nutrients in your diet.

  • Fibre. Extremely important for cleaning out your digestive system and moving toxins and excess hormones out of the body. My favourite food sources of fibre include: Flaxseeds, chia seeds, psyllium husk, slippery elm, kiwi fruit and dried figs. 
  • Fish Oil. Full of goodness for nourishing skin cells and working on that natural skin glow that we all want. It’s very important you take a good quality brand though. The general rule for fish oil, is the more expensive, the better the quality.
  • Zinc. Helps to balance hormones, repair leaky gut and re-train skin cells to bounce back after pimples, reducing the risk of scaring long term. Zinc is present in high levels in nuts and seeds- particularly pumpkin & sesame seeds but also in leafy green vegetables.
  • Probiotics. The link between the skin and the gut is very well documented, so any imbalances with your gut microbiome or bacterial overgrowths will be impacting on the microbiome of your skin. Reset this balance with daily probiotics.
  • Water. 2 litres a day is vital for not only flushing out toxins and supporting healthy digestive function but it’s also important for hydrating skin.