Amid all the extra hand washing and sanitiser use right now, who has desiccated hands??

I certainly do. And if, like me, you are prone to dermatitis and eczema then you already will have impaired barrier function – this is about the body’s reduced ability to make a certain protein that helps keep the skin intact. Prevent dermatitis taking hold NOW by looking after your skin.

MOISTURISE LOTS!! Your best protection against dermatitis is to ensure that the skin doesn’t dry out too much and split. Once skin splits, it can easily become inflamed and infected. Use gloves where possible to prevent having to wash so much and prevent coming into contact with chemicals that can further dry out or irritate your skin. Use moisturiser several times throughout the day, and put a thick layer on overnight before bed. I love a natural Vitamin E cream, but you could also mix it up with things from your kitchen like organic olive oil or coconut oil. Like most things right now – prevention is the best medicine!