Irritability, sore boobs, cravings, bloating, headaches, and the list goes on…  Do you suffer from Pre Menstrual Syndrome? If so then you’re not alone. Up to 75% of women experience symptoms leading up to their period. 

 With so many women with PMS is it any wonder it’s common to think that it’s normal and something we just have to put up with!  So wrong!

Did you know that our monthly cycle and how we experience it is a really good indicator of your general health?  So, if you’re feeling terrible because it’s “that time of the month”, don’t ignore it. There’s plenty you can do. 

Just as symptoms vary widely so does the management, so individual care by a qualified naturopath is recommended.  However, here are some handy tips that everyone will benefit from to get you feeling better leading up to your period.

  • Enjoy a nutritious whole food diet.  What you’re eating really makes a big difference when it comes to hormones.  
  • Give inflammatory foods such as processed deep fried foods and sugar a miss.  These can interfere with GABA neurotransmitters which effect your mood and can increase anxiety.  
  • Put alcohol on the miss list around period time too.  It can lower your mood and effect your sleep quality.
  • Eat plenty of foods high in magnesium – Magnesium deficiency is a common cause of PMS. legumes, green leafy veggies and nuts are good sources. 
  •  Be kind to your microbiome.  If you experience bloating try fermented foods such as sauerkraut, miso and kefir along with plenty of fibre from vegetables, flaxseeds, oats and legumes.  This will help to remove oestrogen metabolites which can be a cause of PMS. 
  • Rest.  Requirements for sleep go up around your period so make a good night sleep a priority.
  • Exercise.  The ultimate mood improver.  Increase those feel good endorphins and get some fresh air.  It’s often when you don’t feel like it that you get the most benefit. 
  • Herbal medicine is wonderful for balancing hormones.  A qualified naturopath will develop a plan specific for your individual needs.
  • Don’t dismiss the emotions that arise during this time.  Emotions are not wrong and it’s normal to have heightened emotions at certain times of our cycle, giving us the chance to recognise and address them.  While irritability and anger often overlay these emotions when pre menstrual, I think it’s wise to wait until we’re feeling calmer and more settled to avoid lashing out at those close to us.  So, recognise the emotion, maybe even write it down and then revisit it a week later and decide then if it’s true for you.

If PMS is something that’s been affecting you, naturopathic care can really help you feel better.  Make an appointment today on 1300 173 633.