As we prepare for the change of season there might be some of you bracing yourselves for the onset of hay fever, sinusitis and cold and flus. But ReMed Natural Medicine Clinic have got you covered. We are very excited to welcome to ReMed Hawthorn Acupuncturist Melanie Hartley.

This change of season is the perfect time to seek relief, even if your symptoms haven’t begun yet. One of Acupuncture’s great merits is its ability to be both preventative and relieve symptomatic presentations simultaneously.

Each season has its special focus in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Autumn is the season associated with the lungs and respiratory system. If you seek treatment during this time, then we have the elements working with us to help relieve you of your discomfort.

If you haven’t tried Acupuncture before or have and are a little needle shy, then have no fear. Melanie’s post grad studies have refined her skills to include the very gentle style of Acupuncture, classified broadly as Japanese Acupuncture. She uses unusually fine needles similar in thickness to a human hair which are mostly painless and a lot of clients will fall asleep during the needling process.

Acupuncture is recognised by the World Health Organisation as being very effective for these conditions and with proper treatment, it should not only reduce your immediate symptoms but help speed your immune systems response to allergens, cold and flu. It can help you recover faster and can reduce future occurrences as well as bolstering the immune system so you react less to allergens and catch fewer colds.

Each case and each person is considered unique and so too is acupuncture treatment. Just as every cold and flu can have a completely different set of symptoms and can change from beginning to end, you will be assessed according to how you are in that moment and what factors in your history have lead you to be where you are now.

There is no time like the present so *SNEEZE* (oh we mean seize lol) the moment and start feeling awesome!
To book an appointment with Melanie, please phone 1300 1REMED or 1300 173 633 or book online