Saying goodbye to Acne

As a female we can get stuck in a vicious cycle. We may want skin that is blemish free & that glows without wearing make-up, however we are experiencing some annoying imperfections on our skin…so we apply make-up to cover up. Only then, we feel we are adding to the problem of clogging pores etc…and so the cycle continues. We desire flawless skin yet don’t know how to achieve this without spending a fortune on topical applications & countless chemical peels. 

So, let’s accomplish the glow from within – My 3 Top Tips Below!

Do you experience a break out when you’re stressed? Just before your period? There are so many interacting complexities that surrounds our menstrual cycle & our skin. It is more than hormones alone, rather an inter-connected flow of neurotransmitters, ovarian hormones, inflammation & adrenal glands. All of which affects one another & impacts the secretion or regulation of another. What does this mean?

Stress creates inflammation. Stress triggers the release of cortisol & effects adrenal gland function. This then sends a message around the body and has a cascading impact on our endocrine system…from the brain to our ovaries. Our skin then is affected by our stress levels, and so is our hormones. In an ideal world we wouldn’t be so stressed, but what can we do to help achieve our skin goals?

My 3 Top Tips

  1. FOOD: This is not about ‘going on a diet’ it’s about a sustainable dietary intake of healthy choices.
    Increase food rich in essential fatty acids such as avocado, salmon & chia seeds. These will provide anti-inflammatory actions for the skin.
    Decrease sugar & alcohol as this creates inflammation & blood sugar dysregulation, promoting excess sebum production.
  2. HYDRATION: Keep that water up! Our skin is our biggest organ & 1 of the 5 elimination channels in our body. We need to stimulate the removal of waste products as well as keeping our skin hydrated to reduce dryness.
  3. SELF-CARE: Nurture yourself. Easier said than done, but treat yourself & do something you love – whether that is going for a walk, relaxing in a bath surrounded by candles or having a Netflix binge. Do what makes you feel good & your body will feel good too

So, ladies. Let’s wake up flawless & say goodbye to acne once & for all!