Did you known that menstrual migraines are often much more painful than normal periods AND they can last longer? 

Menstrual migraines (or headaches) are those that occur every month roughly 2 days before or 3 days into your period.

Which is exactly what you want during your period right?? Wrong!

At the start of a period, hormone levels sharply drop, it is this drop that is thought to be why menstrual migraines occur. Typically, menstrual migraines occur in women with generally higher levels of oestrogen, so they may also be experiencing heavy or painful periods. 

If your menstrual migraines are happening before your period then oestrogen clearance is going to make the biggest impact. Here are some simple things you can start now to help: 

  • Increase broccoli in your diet. Broccoli actually aids in the clearance of excess hormones and is a relatively easy addition to anyone’s routine. Add some more in with any other veggies you are enjoying each day and this will help. 
  • Gut health– hormones are broken down and cleared out of the body through the digestive system. Making sure your gut is working regularly will ensure hormones are cleared effectively and not building up and causing an excess. Start with the basics – water, lots of veggies (broccoli ?) and exercise. If you aren’t having a good size bowel motion each day then further investigation might be needed.

If your menstrual migraines are occurring during your period, then all of the above will help but we would also want to check out your iron levels. The loss of iron during a period and/or anaemia may also trigger migraines as well. The other thing that will always help a migraine, no matter when you get them is magnesium so if in doubt, taking this throughout the month will help to relieve any tension and give you some relief. While we are often told periods are meant to be rough, they really, really don’t have to be. Simple treatments like these are very effective for menstrual migraines, so don’t suffer through.