This is a very good question, and not always an easy one to answer…

If I may, I will begin by saying, naturopaths will work in many different ways. You might see three different practitioners aiming to treat the same condition; however, they will all go about it  very differently. Their final goal and priority is optimal health and wellbeing of the patient, but treatment plans will vary. Many naturopaths have a variety of backgrounds, which again will change the way they practice.

 For example, some naturopaths have a nursing background or another medical science degree, adding to their skill set and treatment options.  Many of us have a background in other forms of traditional medicine and therapies such as yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, making for a beautiful melting pot of ideas, inspiration, and skills. This is why it is important to understand no two practitioners will practice the same.

Why would I visit a Naturopath?

There are many different reasons you might decide to see a naturopath. You may have a specific health condition; endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal symptoms, issues with weight and digestion or  you may have ‘never felt well since…’

There is no end to this list as we work with acute and chronic health conditions. Most health concerns are far more complicated than you think and involve multiple body systems. From a naturopathic perspective we observe physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, genetic and environmental factors influencing your health. Unfortunately there is a misconception that herb ‘X’ or supplement is specific for ‘X’ condition. This is simply not true,  there are so many other aspects that need to be considered. Contraindications with pharmaceutical medication, the energetics of the herb and it’s specific actions need to be considered as does your constitution. There are some herbs that will not be suitable for some constitutions while another may be indicated.

It can be overwhelming when you google a condition you might or might not have, then google available treatments. it’s sometimes tough to work out what you need as  sometimes you think you need it all. This is where we design a targeted treatment plan according to your specific needs.

This brings me to another critical aspect of our training. We treat the whole person, not just  the disease. Therefore, the questions we ask may not always be connected to direct symptoms, however, it gives the practitioner a clearer symptom picture and a better understanding of the underlying cause.  We may send you back to your GP for further testing and investigations or suggest other functional pathology testing, if this is what is required.

One more piece of advice before I go… good health is an ongoing process. None of us are perfect and we can all do with a little assistance sometimes. Despite popular belief, there is no magic pill or diet that will make everything better straight away. It takes time and patience; you need to work on your health. We are merely there to facilitate this process and happily support you on your journey. 

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