Top 5 Breakfast Foods to Boost Good Gut Bacteria

Having the right balance of bacteria and microflora in our gut is important for digesting food and healthy immune function. But research has now linked changes in the microbiome to most chronic health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. So how can we boost our good gut bacteria. Breakfast can be a great way to get the day off to a good start, include these 5 foods to keep your microflora happy:

  • Blueberries: not only do they taste great, but you can’t go past them if you want to boost your gut microflora. Rich in fibre and antioxidants that the microflora love, and easy to throw onto cereal, in a smoothie or on your favourite yoghurt
  • Chia seeds: rich in fibre, antioxidants and good fats makes chia seeds an ideal addition to breakfast
  • Oats: contain soluble fibre called beta-glucans that specifically enhance the growth of beneficial gut bacteria
  • Apples: an excellent addition to a bowl of porridge, apples contain a soluble fibre pectin that specifically enhances the growth of the good guys
  • Kiwifruit: Not only is kiwi fruit a rich source of fibre it also has a natural enzyme unique to this fruit. Perfect addition if you have low appetite or digestion is sluggish.

Putting it all together:

  • Porridge with stewed apple and blueberries for natural sweetness
  • Blueberry Chia seed pudding topped with fresh slices of kiwi fruit
  • Overnight oats with chia seeds and grated apple


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