Quinoa and roast vegetable salad (complete vegetarian meal) – enough for a crowd/lunches for the week #glutenfree

1.5 cups quinoa (rinsed well and drained) – cooked in 3 cups water – bring to the boil, cover and decrease heat to a simmer for 10-11 minutes. Switch off heat and leave sit for water to finish absorbing 5-10 minutes. Then I tip out onto a large tray to let cool slightly. You could use brown rice, farro or even couscous as the base if you wanted, however quinoa is a source of protein if you are cooking for vegans or vegetarians.

Roast until cooked and golden:

  1. 1 LARGE sweet potato cut into cubes
  2. Half a cauliflower – cut into chunks. (you could use pumpkin or even beetroot for an earthier flavour)
  3. Spray lightly with oil and sprinkle with Masterfoods Mild Moroccan Seasoning (alternatively just garlic powder, salt and pepper is good too).
  4. Lightly toast any combination of sunflower seeds, pepitas, pistachios, sliced or slivered almonds – about ¾ cup in total
  5. 1 tin chickpeas, rinsed (approx. 300g cooked)
  6. Mix of sliced dried apricots, craisins or even figs (approx. ½ cup, if not using pomegranates can increase to 3/4 cup all up).
  7. 2-3 large handfuls spinach leaves or mixed greens

Optional – Pomegranate seeds – fresh or frozen – to garnish or if you have enough stir them through and then use more as a garnish.


  1. Juice (approx. 100g) and zest of one orange (can do half orange, half lemon)
  2. 2 teaspoon cinnamon
  3. 35ml olive oil
  4. 1 tablespoon honey (or maple syrup if making for vegans)
  5. 2-3 teaspoons apple cider or red wine vinegar (to taste – can omit if you use a very tart lemon)
  6. Salt and cracked pepper to taste

In a very large bowl mix together everything but the dressing, nut/seed mix and pomegranate.
Stir through the dressing and half the pomegranate seeds (if you have enough). You can then choose to stir through the nut/seed mix now or leave it until just before serving so that it will be crunchier. Garnish with the last of the pomegranate seeds and enjoy!

A little bit of feta is delicious with it and it makes a lovely side to BBQ meats or salmon as well as being a complete meal in itself. You can easily increase or decrease how much you make by varying the volume of quinoa and roast vegetables.