Will a supplement do anything for me or am I just creating expensive wee to flush down the toilet?

This is a common question asked of Naturopaths and one we are happy to answer. If you self-prescribe supplements without knowing if you actually need them and in what dosage, then you could be wasting your money. However, a qualified Naturopath
may certainly at times prescribe a supplement to benefit your health. Some of these reasons are below:

? If you are suffering from a nutritional deficiency. Many of these are generally picked up through blood tests. Some people find that this may run in their family or maybe due to another underlying health condition. Monitoring and further investigation if necessary by your health professional is vital.

? When your diet is inadequate – there are many reasons a persons diet maybe in adequate. They may skip meals, eat processed foods, have a restricted diet, have restricted food availability or if they are fussy. Sometimes it is due to financial restrictions – unfortunately it is often cheaper to buy a large box of hot chips than it is to buy a salad or a sandwich.

? You may have an increased need – different life stages may require an increase in certain nutrients. Also if you indulge in alcohol, caffeine or smoking regularly you may find your requirement for certain nutrients are increased.

? If your diet is highly processed – during processing, certain nutrients can be stripped or reduced in the food, changing its nutritional profile.

Of course it is ideal to get your nutrients from a dietary source but sometimes this is not possible. And often people are unsure if they are achieving a “healthy, well balanced diet” or if they are eating the right things to satisfy their nutritional needs. With certain nutrients there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing so talking to someone trained before reaching for that supplement is important.

I often ask clients to keep a diet diary for a couple days and send it to me so I can analyse if they are reaching their nutritional needs. This yields valuable insight and allows us to make dietary changes to help each individual or choose the best supplement for them.

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