Primary Amenorrhea – you’ve never had one and you’re 15 years or older. (And female..) 

Secondary Amenorrhea- you used to have a period but now it has left the building and hasn’t been seen for 3-6months (and you aren’t pregnant). 

Secondary amenorrhea is the more common one I see. 
So why does it happen?

Stress has a lot to answer for here and high stress does have the potential to completely stop your cycle in its tracks. 

This doesn’t just include emotional stress but also any physical stress on the body like being super busy and not resting can do this as well. Excessive exercise is a great example of this. 

Other reasons can be menopause, being on or coming off hormonal birth control (The pill, IUD, implanon etc) or other underlying hormonal imbalances. 

Your period is always a monthly reminder of how healthy and balanced your last month was so when treating irregular or nonexistent periods its all about bringing balance back to your world. 

Here’s some things you can start on right now to start rebalancing hormones:

  • Stress less. Meditation, breathing exercises- If you’ve tried and it’s not working, come see me. I have tips.. and herbs 😉
  • Moderate amounts of exercise- try swapping out some of the HIIT for some more gentle forms of exercise like yoga, pilates or even just good old fashioned walking. 
  • Good food- healthy fats (avocados, nuts, fish) and lots of fibre (veggies). 
  • Good sleep- early nights! 
  • Reduce stimulants- coffee, sugar, alcohol
  • Hydration- 2 litres of water a day.