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Shannon CarlinNaturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist

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  • Integrative oncology methodology
  • Practical approach to treatment options with children
  • Mind and body focus

Shannon is a long-standing member of the ReMed family and has had a calling to work in natural medicine for many years. Nearly 20 years ago, when her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (a fairly rare blood cancer), they investigated natural medicine to support chemotherapy treatment, and together used naturopathy, diet and nutrition as a support to traditional care. Her mother was given the devastating prognosis of 18 months to live, yet almost 20 years later her cancer remains in a manageable state, with good quality of life.

Due to her experience with her mother, Shannon has a unique approach and particular interest in working with cancer patients. Working closely with our ReMed clinic director Keonie Moore, Shannon is currently developing a treatment program for oncology patients to support traditional medical care with natural medicine. The program aims to reduce the side effects of conventional treatments, improve both quality of life and mind/body health to support remission.

Shannon has extensive knowledge of food nutrition, or as she like to call it – food as medicine. She is skilled at understanding the key nutrients found across a broad range of foods and the importance of gut health in optimising the absorption and utilisation of nutrient intake – particularly for vegetarians and vegans as well as guiding others through various life stages. After becoming a mother, Shannon became even more interested in a natural approach, particularly in regards to raising children. Diet became a particular expertise, not least because she has a vegetarian, pescatarian and a gluten and diary sensitive person in her family!

Shannon treats a broad range of health complaints, often associated with inflammation. She has an extensive understanding of the role stress and inflammation in the body and their direct connection with disease. Shannon is passionate and experienced in the management of stress, anxiety and sleep disorders and treats the mind and body to regulate the body’s stress responses. She has a thorough knowledge of thyroid and hormonal regulation and the impact they may have on anxiety and sleep.

Shannon works from an evidence base, utilising the pathology department in the ReMed clinic to gain a clear understanding of what is going on within the body. Shannon incorporates complementary nutritional and herbal medicines, flower essences and homeopathy to assist in individualised treatment plans for her patients.

“When I first came to see Rebecca about my cystic acne, I was unhappy with my skin and it was effecting my self esteem. I had already tried the pill, prescription creams and antibiotics for 10yrs, none of which made a lasting difference and the antibiotics caused digestives problems. Rebecca identified the cause of the acne and restored digestive health, which has also cleared my skin. I’ve been without acne now for at least 5 months. When I look in the mirror I feel confident and happy with my skin and friends comment on how healthy I look! Thanks Rebecca!” Emily, Newport

“Before I came to see Rebecca I had terrible eczema all over my arms, fingers and sometimes my legs, since childhood. It was embarrassing, particularly as a teenager and into my twenties. People would think I’d fallen over and scarred my arms. Rebecca is very easy to talk to and explains everything clearly, as to how the treatments will help and how long it will take. Since seeing Rebecca the eczema has gone away and the scarring decreased significantly” Chelsea, Eltham

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