Safe use of Complementary Medicine with Chemotherapy

Join us for a remarkable line up of prominent and widely recognised speakers in the field of oncology and natural medicine.

Presenter Highlight – Dr Janet Schloss

We are very excited to announce that the keynote presentation will be delivered by Dr Janet Schloss; whom has gained wide-spread media attention, as an accomplished researcher she has led a number of ground-breaking studies and has dedicated the past decade to building the evidence-base for integrative and complementary medicine in the oncology field.

During the masterclass, Janet will be discussing her most recent study on the use of medicinal cannabis in brain cancer. In addition, the use of vitamin B12 led to statistically significant reduction in onset and severity of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.

Many patients turn to complementary medicine during cancer treatments. For the medical team, it can be fraught with concern about interactions. And for complementary medicine practitioners, a additional level of complexity to understand how to best provide care that will benefit the patient.

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The Webinar will delve into:

  • Evidence-based approaches that don’t jeopardise treatment outcomes

  • Strategies to minimise the risk of interactions

  • Reducing side effects of chemotherapy

  • How to support the mental health of patients going through cancer diagnosis and treatment

  • Complementary medicine with positive interactions i.e. enhancing chemotherapy outcomes

  • Therapeutic targets for complementary medicine that has evidence for benefit during chemotherapy

Online Masterclass

  • Wednesday 21st April, 2021
  • 7:30pm – 9:30pm AEST

Please note: this masterclass is designed for health professionals that work with patients going through cancer treatments such as oncologists, registered nurses, allied health professionals, naturopaths and clinical nutritionists. This event is strictly for practitioners and not suitable for members of the general public.

The Masterclass is designed to:

  • Increase awareness of strategies that have evidence of benefit in cancer treatments

  • Increase confidence on how to avoid negative interactions with chemotherapy

  • Improve ability to support and empower patients with cancer

  • Develop therapeutic targets that provide benefit to clinical interventions

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