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Seed Hand Sanitiser 500ml

$19.95 Including GST

Looks like hand sanitiser’s are here to stay! For those of you with chemical sensitivities or skin conditions… we hear you &  know you’re struggling to find a solution to this new world we live in.
We have a natural alternative available that will leave your hands hydrated and   ?
Seed Organics contain:
✖️No Phosphates
✖️No Heavy Metals
✖️No Chlorine
✖️No Phthalates (PVC)
✖️No Volatile Organic
✖️No Nonylphenol
✖️No Ethoxylates
✖️No Alcohol
✔️ Packaged in Environmentally Responsible Packaging


Is your skin not coping with regular hand sanitisers? Looking for a natural hand sanitiser that won’t dry out your skin! Perfect for those of us that are sensitive to chemicals or have skin conditions.

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Dimensions8 × 8 × 19 cm


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