Michelle Harris
Michelle HarrisNaturopath
Adv Dip (Naturopath), Dip (Remedial Massage), Wellness Coach

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  • Children’s health, specifically Pyrrole disorder and MTHFR
  • Thyroid conditions
  • IBS and SIBO
  • Perimenopause

Michelle has been passionate about health for her entire life, she started off with a keen interest in fitness and yoga which lead her to studying remedial massage. Her life quickly changed when she became a mum, her bundle of joy had a lot of health issues which lead to discovering the world of natural medicine. Her son experienced reflux, recurrent infections, asthma and hay fever. After suffering through an enormous 22 ear infections, Michelle found the world of natural medicine where she was finally able to help her son. Michelle first dabbled in health coaching which soon turned to a passion for naturopathy. Her own experience with treating her sons digestive complaints brought about her passion in gut health, as she knows it is the cornerstone of optimal health.

Michelle aims to share her knowledge and skills with her clients to achieve abundant health through education, coaching and lifestyle changes. She hopes that she can be the catalyst in empowering others to achieve their own health and wellbeing goals.


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