Lucy Holland Pringle
Lucy Holland PringleNaturopath
BHSc (Naturopathy), Adv Dip (Complementary Medicine). Dip (Remedial Massage), Adv Emmett Practitioner, Cert Level ii (NET)

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  • Gut health: diarrhoea/constipation and bloating
  • Immune health
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Fatigue

Lucy is most passionate about empowering her patients to regain their health and feel incredible again. She loves explaining the intricacies of your dis-ease so that you can truely understand the ‘why’ behind your symptoms and your treatment.

Lucy loves working in gut, immune and mental health, in particular explaining the intersect between these body systems. Her passion for working in gut health is due seeing the amount of people suffering with ongoing digestive complaints. Lucy loves using function microbiome testing for a complex and detailed understanding of your gut so that a truely targeted and individualised approach can be implemented.

Lucy is an eternal learner, she has worked in remedial massage for the Cowboys NRL team and is a certified Neuro Emotional (NET) Practitioner. After 11 years working in this industry, Lucy decided that there was so much more to learn in order to help people with their health which motivated her to go back to study so she could look at health with a lens on mind, body and spirit. Lucy feels privileged to work as a naturopath to help people achieve optimal health.


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