Katelyn Gray
Katelyn GrayNaturopath
BHSc. Naturopathy (NHAA)

About Katelyn


  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Hormonal Acne
  • Fertility and Pre-Conception Planning
  • Recurrent thrush and urinary tract infections
  • Post Pill Syndrome

Who Am I?

As a practitioner, Katelyn is most passionate about female reproductive health. Recognised that women’s health, in particular menstrual health, is often brushed over and stigmatised, with a lot of very real and debilitating presentations being ignored and passed off as “normal”. Often ‘band-aid’ treatment is applied, and women can suffer for majority of their reproductive life. Katelyn sees it as her mission to empower women and get to the underlying cause of these symptoms for long-term results.

Katelyn works specifically with women who have side effects or reactions to the pill, IUDs or hormone implants such as Implanon. She is passionate about helping women who want to come off contraceptive medications without harsh or lingering side effects and re-establish their natural cycle.

Having successfully utilised natural medicine for her own health and the valuable role her own naturopath played, Katelyn was driven to make this her career. Having completed extensive studies with a Bachelor Health Sciences degree from leading naturopathic college Southern School of Natural Therapies.

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