Elle-Lou Diddams
Elle-Lou DiddamsNaturopath

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    Elle-Lou works with young women and couples for:

  • Preconception care/fertility
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • Fibroids
  • Mental health: anxiety, depression, mood disorders

Elle-Lou is passionate about helping young women have pain free menstrual cycles and providing natural ways to manage hormonal conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids. Elle-Lou believes every woman should be able to feel and live optimally, free of worry or suffering through the periods.

Elle-Lou works with couples wanting to conceive naturally and providing everyone with the opportunity of creating a family. Both in her clinical practice and everyday life, Ell-Lou strives to make people feel better form the inside out. Naturopathy is so rewarding on so many levels, but the part that Elle-Lou loves the most is helping patients make healthier, happier choices on a daily basis, so they reap the rewards long-term.

Elle-Lou own health journey lead her down the path of becoming a naturopath. Through conventional medicine, it didn’t matter what specialist she consults or what she tried, nothing worked. Disheartened by her continuing health decline, Ell-Lou turned to natural medicine. Her questions start to be answer and symptoms dissipated, with herbal medicine and nutritional support. After overcoming her own health issues, Elle-Lou went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy) an in-depth program, so she is well-quipped help her patients find the solutions they are searching for.

Growing up in Perth WA, Elle-Lou spends most of her time outdoors, soaking up the warm weather by the beach. Previously a lifeguard – combining her love of fitness, the beach and first aid skills to help people. When not searching for solutions for her patients, Elle-Lou loves to cook whole foods, horse-riding and yoga – recently completing her yoga teacher training.


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