Eleni Cassar
Eleni CassarClinical Nutritionist
BHSc (Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine)

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  • Long Covid

  • Post-viral syndrome, glandular fever

  • Persistent fatigue not relieved by rest

  • Brain fog

  • Poor sleep and waking unrefreshed

Who Am I?

Eleni Cassar is a compassionate nutritionist who intimately understands the struggles of individuals facing the challenges of long COVID. Having battled her own journey through chronic, adrenal, and post-viral fatigue, Eleni found profound relief through consultations with a nutritionist. Her firsthand experience has given her invaluable insight into the wide-ranging effects of long COVID, from persistent fatigue to brain fog, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Eleni holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine. She has committed herself to staying at the forefront of nutritional science and research, particularly in the context of post-viral syndromes.

Eleni’s primary focus is on individuals who are navigating the complex challenges of long COVID and post-viral fatigue. Her specialized expertise allows her to tailor treatment plans and nutritional medicines to address the unique and evolving needs of her clients during their recovery journey. Eleni understands that each individual’s experience is unique and requires a personalised approach to not only manage symptoms but also facilitate recovery.

Eleni’s mission is to provide hope, support, and evidence-based guidance to those living with the challenges of long COVID and post-viral fatigue. She is dedicated to helping her clients regain their quality of life through nutritional medicine for:


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