Keonie Moore and Emma Hudson

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What can a naturopath do for you?

So often we find ourselves running from one thing to another – burning the candle at both ends and not stopping to really think about how we can improve our health. But aren’t we all busy? 

Many of us have become resigned to chronic stress as being ‘normal’. High levels of busy-ness can lead to higher cortisol and stress hormones which in turn can cause disruptions in:

  • Energy
  • Mental focus
  • Wired but tired
  • Poor gut health

Have you been reflecting on 2019 and thinking that you really want to make some changes this year?

A naturopath is trained to show you what to prioritise and how to really improve your health so that you function at 100%. Want to feel better than you ever thought possible? Get a health plan to make 2020 the year it happens for you.

ReMed Natural Medicine Clinic is committed to lifting the standards of natural medicine in Australia and has unsurpassed levels of professional development to ensure that you get the best possible care.

At Remed, we want you to start the year fresh. So, if you are a new client, take a 50% off your first consultation.

More and more people are using natural medicine for everything from chronic health problems to the common cold. In fact, 65% of Australians have used one or more complementary medicines in the past year.


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