Emily Cahill
Emily CahillRegistered Nurse & Naturopath
BHSc (Naturopathy), BHSc (Nursing)

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  • Oncology Nurse
  • Passionate about integrating natural medicine options with conventional treatment safely

Anxiety and mood concerns can be isolating and debilitating. Lying in bed at night replaying parts of your day, worried that you said or did something stupid or embarrassing or feeling like everyone you meet is judging you; feeling uncomfortable in new situations or around large groups of people can make work, study and social situations unbearable.

Unfortunately, unlike physical illness, people often don’t feel comfortable talking about their mood and instead suffer in silence. 

Emily is passionate about the role natural medicine can play in supporting people with mood disorders, anxiety, insomnia and chronic stress. Numerous studies have shown that certain herbs are as effective in managing anxiety and depression without the negative side-effects pharmaceutical medications can elicit. 

Emily has worked as a registered nurse since 2005. Working in this setting highlighted the gaps in the traditional medical model and prompted her to look elsewhere for a more holistic, natural approach to health care – which she found in Naturopathy.

Emily has experienced first-hand how effective natural medicine is in managing anxiety and depression, she understands how isolating mental illness can be and how important it is to have a team around you to guide and support you.

She is dedicated to reducing the stigma around mental illness and provides a safe space for her clients looking to improve their mental health.

Emily’s other clinical focus is supporting people undergoing conventional cancer treatment and is part of ReMed’s Ancora Oncology team. As an oncology nurse, Emily has extensive experience with patients going through conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She has completed Post Graduate qualifications in Cancer Nursing through Melbourne University and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

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