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Massage ServiceDescription
Relaxation MassageIdeal for people who don’t have any specific problems areas, but are looking for a whole body, relaxing massage to rejuvenate from the stresses of daily life
Remedial MassageRemedial massage is designed to be therapeutic and generally is a deeper, firmer massage to focus on problem areas that are tight, tense or causing you pain. Perfect option if you have been experiencing for back, neck or shoulder pain.
MyotherapyMyotherapy is a similar style of massage to remedial massage, but therapists use a broader range of techniques such as dry needling and rehab exercises. Perfect for those tricky, recurrent or chronic issues that need the extra expertise of a myotherapist.
Oncology MassageOncology massage is a gentle form of massage designed to relieve tension and reduce symptoms such as nausea, pain and fatigue. Oncology massage is an advanced qualification to provide safe and effective care. This type of massage is recommended for anyone that has currently or previously been diagnosed with cancer.

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