Carrun Squires
Carrun SquiresNaturopath, Clinical Nutritionist & Herbalist
M.Hum.Nutr (Deakin University), Grad.Cert.Diab.Edu. (Deakin University), B.H.Sc.(Nat) (Southern School of Natural Therapies), Advanced Practitioner Bio Impedance Analysis (VLA), Billings Ovulation Method Practitioner, MINDD Practitioner, Accredited SIBO Practitioner Full Member Australian Diabetes Educators Association NHAA, ANTA, NS

Get to know me

  • Over 10 years in private practice at key Victorian clinics
  • Final year lecturer at both leading natural medicine colleges in Melbourne
  • One of Australia’s only Naturopaths with a diabetes qualification

With a clinical career already spanning more than 10 years, Carrun has some clients who have been under her care for more than eight – including a gentleman in his 70s, whose doctor is amazed at the positive results achieved using natural medicine to reduce and maintain his blood pressure at more than acceptable levels. Prior to joining ReMed, she has been in private practice since 2007 as a naturopath and clinical nutritionist, running her own successful clinic in regional Victoria and at other private clinics in Melbourne.

In addition to private practice, she is a sought after teacher and lectures at the two leading naturopathic colleges in Melbourne – Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Clinical Skills and as a Clinic Supervisor, and at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in both their naturopathic and nutritional and dietetic degrees, working with Advanced Nutritional Medicine and Integrative Complementary Medicine final year students.

Carrun was interested in natural medicine from a young age, and fascinated with how herbs can cure, and food as medicine. Whilst Carrun also utilises other naturopathic modalities such as homoeopathy and flower essences her major success and treatment focus is in the area of nutritional and botanical medicines.

After a successful corporate career, she gained her first health and nutrition qualification in 1991 and has undertaken several qualifications since then. Carrun constantly adds to the health information that she has so that her patients and students in the industry all benefit. This includes keeping up-to-date with the latest health research and attending industry conferences.

Carrun has achieved two post graduate qualifications from Deakin University – a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition with a focus on diabetes and obesity prevention and a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education, a qualification usually reserved for pharmacists, nurses and dietitians. Combining these mainstream qualifications with her Naturopathy practice provides Carrun the credibility and vocabulary to talk to general medical and nutritional specialists in the medical sector. She is now regarded as a specialist in the areas of diabetes and cardiovascular health and is one of the only naturopaths in Australia with Graduate Certificate level qualifications in Diabetes Education.

Whilst with her extensive clinical experience she regularly sees a range of both acute and chronic conditions, Carrun’s expertise lies in combining both her naturopathic and mainstream health understanding to being a specialist in insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, diabetes and its related metabolic complications such as cardiovascular disease, and health weight management. She is also accredited as an Advanced Practitioner in the application of Bio Impedance Analysis in body composition.

As a truly comprehensive health professional, Carrun applies both her extensive naturopathic knowledge of nutritional and botanical medicines, diet and lifestyle advice combined with her mainstream qualifications to offer comprehensive and evidence-based, individualised treatment for your health care.