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Melrose Organic Rolled Flaxseed 350g

Melrose Organic Rolled Flaxseed 350g

$9.95 Including GST

Melrose Organic Rolled Flaxseed 350g: Flaxseed or linseed is a good source of dietary fibre, omega-3 fatty acids and lignans.


Magnesium and B vitamins support energy production and help maintain hormonal and nervous system health. Magnesium, chromium and zinc assist with carbohydrate metabolism, plus the addition of vitamins B5 and B6 support a healthy stress response in the body. Muscle Resuscitation provides 320mg of elemental magnesium per serve made up from magnesium citrate and magnesium bisglycinate, two well-absorbed forms of magnesium. Muscle Resuscitation comes in a delicious lemon-lime flavour that dissolves easily in water or juice.


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