Natasha Sidoti
Natasha SidotiNaturopath
BHSc (Nat)

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  • Breast cancer
  • Cervical and uterine cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Hormonal imbalances

Who Am I?

Natasha is a dedicated advocate for adjunctive oncology support, recognising the profound impact of a cancer diagnosis on individuals and their loved ones. She takes a gentle, tailored approach to lifestyle and nutrition strategies during cancer treatment, with a primary focus on optimising the gut microbiome, boosting energy, mitigating oncology treatment side effects, and enhancing treatment response.

Natasha’s background includes volunteering in overseas oncology wards and working for CanTeen, a nonprofit organisation supporting young people living with cancer. Her commitment to oncology care is evident in her compassionate and personalised consultations. She takes joy in witnessing her patients grasp the bigger picture of their health and values the connection between physical and emotional well-being. Natasha possesses extensive expertise in gut microbiome stool testing, offering nuanced insights into probiotics and treatment options.

In addition to her professional experience, Natasha has navigated her own health journey while raising three lively children in a blended family. Her lifelong passion for travel underscores her deep appreciation for health, recognising its role in enhancing resilience, relationships, and one’s overall experience of the world.


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