Kristine Ottobre
Kristine OttobreNaturopath, Nurse
B.H.Sc (Naturopathy), B.Nursing

Get to know me

Kristine is passionate about supporting athletes by optimising nutritional intake for peak training, energy levels and hormonal balance.

Kristine’s passion for health started in her adolescence when she became interested in fitness and started learning about nutrition to support her fitness goals. She had aspirations to study naturopathy, but life led her to become a Registered Nurse in which she worked in a variety of areas but ended up specializing in Cardiac and Neonatal intensive care. Now, Kristine is excited to be following her life passion as a naturopath but appreciates the grounding in medical science that nursing has given her.

Having been an athlete herself, Kristine has participated in physique competitions where she placed 1st Novice Physique at the All Females Classic INBA, as well as photo shoots both before and after her first son. This gives Kristine a deep understanding of how to support fitness competitors and athletes in addition to understanding the various changes their body goes through under pressure as well as how to gain optimal health and have the body they desire naturally.

After working with many highly regarded medical professionals, Kristine practices integrative health to provide the best outcome for the client. Kristine has a special interest specifically in:

· Hormone balancing for both males and females

· Adrenal Insufficiency

· Chronic fatigue syndrome

· Thyroid and autoimmune disorders