Kate Di Bartolo
Kate Di Bartolo Naturopath
Adv.Dip. Naturopathy (ANTA)

About Kate

Kate works with women to help with:
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Skin outbreaks, eczema & skin rashes
  • Histamine intolerance
  • Brain fog, irritability and headaches

Passionate about natural medicine, Kate is passionate about helping young women decipher the impact of hormonal imbalances on energy levels, immune health and their skin.

Many women have exacerbation of fatigue, infections such as Candida, skin breakout or allergies with the menstrual cycle and Kate is committed to unlocking the answers so women can feel and look great, throughout the entire month.

Having faced with her own health issues, Kate quickly learnt the value of natural medicine and the holistic approach. Coming from this perspective, Kate has an in-depth understanding of how each part of the body is impacting other areas of health. That if there is one area of the body that is out of balance, it will also be affecting other systems and we need to look at the totality of what is happening.

Kate’s interest in health soon quickly developed into her passion as a career. She has a thirst for knowledge, committed to constantly up-skilling about how to implement successful treatment, not simply through addressing a person’s symptoms but being able to find the underlying cause of the symptoms.

Kate is a fully qualified naturopath and is a registered practitioner with the Australian Natural Therapists Association. Kate is committed to ongoing professional development, regularly attends and participates in conferences, keeping up to date with the latest research. She uses years of personal experience and extensive acquired knowledge to treat chronically ill patients with empathy and care

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