Graduated? Now What!

Want to start in clinic? But don’t know where to start..

Worrying about what if? What if it doesn’t work? How does it all work? What if you don’t get any clients?

Honestly, none of us became a Naturopath because we wanted to be a business owner, but for most of us that is exactly what happens.

If you want a rewarding career as a Naturopath and want a helping hand to avoid the common pitfalls, the Virtual Naturopathic Graduate Bootcamp is for you!

Join Keonie Moore for an exciting 3-day event to take you through exactly how to create the rewarding clinical practice you desire.

As a full-time Naturopath, Keonie is booked out for over 3 months in advance, has a long waiting list and earns a 6-figure income based on her clinical practice.

But guess what? She started exactly where you are right now. Over the 3 days, she will share in depth what worked, what didn’t work and what areas are key to focus on to ensure the success of your clinical practice. And don’t worry, Keonie has made more than her fair share of mistakes along the way – and hopefully you can learn from that too.

Don’t get us wrong, it is not all about the income! But Keonie is a living example that we can have a full-time career in this profession. It doesn’t need to be something that we do on the side or have additional employment to keep us going – and you don’t have to burn out to see enough patients to make ends meet.

Virtual Event. This will be the first time that the Naturopathic Graduate Bootcamp is being held online – giving even more opportunity for graduates from all over Australia to join us. Don’t worry you will still have a very interactive experience – this Bootcamp is an experience, which will transform the way you view clinical practice (in a good way ?)

When: Thurs 11th Feb – Sat 13th Feb 2021

Timing: 9am – 5pm (though depending on activities please allow to 6pm)

Where: At Your House! This is a virtual event on Zoom platform


Early bird $99 (available until 17th January 2020)

Full price $199 (from 18th January 2021)

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Sample Program of The Naturopathic Graduate Bootcamp:

Day 1

  • The Top 10 Mistakes Naturopaths Make

  • Sickness Model of Health & Wellness Continuum

  • Business Models

  • Money Mindset

Day 2

  • Appointment Structure for Real Life Clinic

  • Niching: is it necessary? And where do I start?

  • How to Attract New Patients

  • Client Retention

Day 3

  • Getting Started with a Dispensary

  • All Things Cash Flow

  • Management of Chronic & Complex Cases

  • Pathology & Functional Testing

This intensive workshop is a must for any recent Naturopathic graduate. It provides you with the bridge between graduating and beginning your clinical practice. You’ve finished uni, congratulations! But so often we are left thinking…”so now what?…” 

This BootCamp provides the foundations to what the options are to begin & sustain a successful thriving practice. There are many light bulb moments throughout the 3-day event which opens your mind to the possibilities of your Naturopathic career which is exciting! 

The experience of Keonie Moore & Emma Hodson is so impressive. Their passion to help educate us new grad’s & improve our industry as a whole really shines through the information delivered & examples provided. It really set my whole year up ahead as a practitioner and I would highly recommend this to any new grad or final term student.

It is extremely motivating, inspiring & jam packed full of goodness!

Emily Ahern
The ReMed graduate intensive picked up the practicalities of running a practice that my course missed out.  Gaining a practical understanding of how to manage appointments, a dispensary, creating additional value for patients and how to market myself as a practitioner most effectively were stand-out elements.

Being able to spend time with 2 leading practitioners and see how the theory is put into practice gave me confidence when it came to taking my first few patients.  There were little tips and tricks learnt along the way, such as setting patient expectations (and some of my own) that have already proven invaluable. 

I would definitely recommend any new graduate attend the graduate intensive if they get the chance, especially if you are branching out on your own rather than joining an existing practice.

Alison Patchett
There are many avenues that a Naturopathic degree can take you down, but if clinical practice happens to be your calling and you don’t have a background in business, then starting out can be just as challenging, if not more challenging than actually doing the degree. 

As a new graduate starting out in clinical practice I quickly became aware that while my naturopathic degree had prepared me well for debunking cases and writing treatment plans, there was some serious gaps in my knowledge about how to generate clients, how to run a clinic and how to not run myself into the ground while doing it all. 

For me, the Remed Graduate Intensive program finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. By far the most valuable part was spending time with Keonie and Emma- Naturopaths who shared my passion for natural medicine who had not only overcome these same challenges in business that I was facing but were also excelling in an industry that many have failed in. Keonie and Emma generously give up this time because they genuinely want to help new grads succeed and to ultimately raise the bar of our industry.

I would encourage any new graduate interested in pursuing clinical practice to sign up for Remed’s Internship program to experience first-hand how a Naturopathic clinic operates and will give you the skills and resources you need to set yourself up to success in business as a Naturopath.

Jessica Trethowan