Emma Hodson
Emma Hodson Hawthorn Clinic Director, Naturopath and Nutritionist
B. Naturopathy Adv.Dip (ACNM, ATMS)

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  • Focusing on women’s health
  • Fertility expert
  • Nationally accredited clinical trial for mental health (one of 13)

Emma’s interest in naturopathy began after her experience as an early teenager, suffering from debilitating acne which affected every aspect of her life. Eventually, she was completely healed from nutritional changes and herbal medicine. After resolutely spending the next few years convincing her parents that it was the right path for her, she enrolled at the Australian College of Natural Medicine and has never looked back.

Following graduation Emma pursed further study into natural women’s health, including spending time in Sydney with fertility experts. She has since also become an expert herself in the natural fertility path, and has had the great pleasure of many positive results from helping couples with their transition into parenthood.

Following on from her work in fertility, Emma developed a keen interest in women’s endocrine issues and reproductive health, and women’s health in general. Emma finds that she inherently understands women’s health issues and has a range of references thanking her for making a positive impact on her client’s day to day lives.

A passionate supporter of integrative medicine, Emma believes that the many approaches to health can work in co-operation to help people achieve their optimal function. This has spilled over into her personal life. Emma is married to a cardiologist and together they share the belief that working toward a common goal focused on the patient’s needs achieves greater results than either branch of medicine can alone.

Emma has also worked within leading Natural Health companies Australia-wide in multiple roles including providing education and training to other natural health practitioners, and developing products to help with effective patient treatment. She is currently only one of only 13 naturopaths in the country participating in a clinical trial on mental health towards a national accreditation.


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