In my practice I spend alot of time talking about poo – what colour, what consistency, how much there was, how easy it is to pass, if there is any undigested food in there, if there are any sparkles (just kidding)…. it is a great way of helping determine overall gut health. I certainly need to know how many times per day (or not!) you or your child “goes”.

Constipation in children – What a pain in the backside! Literally. And not going to the toilet often enough can make life a bit uncomfortable!

There can be a number of contributing factors to difficult bowel motions in kids.

Dehydration – inadequate water intake can affect stool. The more dehydrated you are – the harder your stool can be.

Inadequate fibre intake – fibre is essential for assisting with bowel motions. Ensuring both soluble and insoluble fibre is present in the diet is a must. Fruits and vegetables are an example of excellent sources of fibre in the diet.

Adequate activity – those that are more sedentary can be more likely to experience constipation or sluggish bowels. Minimising screen time and getting up and moving is a great tool to implement.

Previous pain on passing stool – a bad experience passing stool in the past can cause a child to have anxiety about going to the toilet – especially if it was painful. This may cause the child to hold on. Unfortunately, this often becomes a vicious cycle where holding on will actually make it harder to pass the stool.

Bowel flora – the microbiome may become disturbed if we do not move our bowels regularly. A probiotic may be of use but it is important to remember that different strains have different effects in the body. To find a probiotic that can assist in cases with constipation – have a chat to a naturopath.

Food intolerances – intolerances to certain foods can cause changes in bowel habits and are an important consideration in ongoing problems with bowel habits. When restricting certain foods in the diet – it is important to make sure that essential nutrients are sourced else where in the diet as well.

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