Alison Quinn
Alison QuinnNaturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist
Bachelor Health Science (Complementary Medicine), Dip Health Science (Naturopathy)

Get to know me

  • Supporting women through chronic high-level stress
  • Hormonal imbalances including PMS and menstrual disturbances
  • Paediatric oncology support
  • Strategies to reduce side effects of treatment
  • Optimising diet and nutrient intake

Alison is passionate about working with children and families particularly through times of stress or illness. Living locally in Eltham with 3 children of her own, Alison is passionate about making naturopathic treatments practical and useful for the family as a whole.

Through her own experiences, Alison has a specific interest in adjunctive paediatric oncology support. After having her son was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the age of 7 years, Alison understands not only the treatment process but also emotional stress that is associated with having a child diagnosed. She has been able to see first-hand the benefits of natural medicine when combined safely with conventional treatments such as chemotherapy.

Alison supports children and their families through the conventional treatment program to establish a plan to support health through reducing side effects, ensuring natural medicines are safe and avoid interactions and maximising treatment outcomes. At ReMed, we provide an adjunctive care model strictly only to patients who are working with oncologists and medical teams.

Alison recognises that supporting parents, particularly mothers, through these times of stress is so important. Stressful periods in life play a significant role in hormonal imbalances and Alison has extensive experience in helping women with PMS and menstrual disturbances driven by stress. Alison can provide physical and emotional support with evidence based natural treatment protocols and lifestyle support through the hormonal challenges and changes we experience.

Alison is a very experienced naturopath having graduated with an advanced diploma in Naturopathy 22 years ago. Alison went on to do more extensive studies with a Bachelor of Health Science at Charles Sturt University. Alison is passionate about the holistic foundations of naturopathy and believes health care should reflect that we are complex individuals that deserve to be educated and informed.